Get Your Roof Solar Panel-ready in Houston

Get Your Roof Solar Panel-ready in Houston

Get Your Roof Solar Panel-ready in HoustonSolar panels are an increasingly popular way to save on your energy bills. Many people choose to install solar panels on their roofs due to the amount of sun exposure they get. But there are a few things to know to get your roof solar panel-ready. Read below for our guide on how to prepare your roof for solar panels. When you need roof repair, replacement, or maintenance in Cypress or the surrounding Houston areas, give Southern Roofing Texas a call.

What Is the Condition of Your Roof?

Before undergoing a project as extensive as installing solar panels, you need to make sure your roof is in stable condition. Roofs less than 10 years old are the best candidates for solar panels. If your roof is older than that, we recommend getting an assessment first. A professional roofer can inspect your roof and attic for any signs of damage. They will look for leaks, as well as damaged shingles, vents, and flashing. Any broken parts will need to be repaired or replaced before moving on to solar panel installation.

Ideal Roofing Materials for Solar Panels

The shingles on your roof should be strong and durable enough to support solar panel installation. Asphalt is currently the most popular type of shingle to use with solar panels. Metal and tile roofs are also compatible with solar panels. If your shingles are made of wood or slate, they will likely need to be replaced since they are not ideal for supporting solar panels. Because slate is brittle, it's more difficult and expensive for technicians to install the panels. Wood shingles are also a fire hazard.

Roofing Services in Houston

Whether you want to get your roof in shape to install solar panels or you just want a modern update to your current one, Southern Roofing Texas is your source for expert roof replacement and repair in Cypress and the surrounding Houston areas. To learn more about our Houston roofing company, or to request an appointment with our local roofers, please call (832) 551-3002. Thank you for considering our team for your residential roofing needs.

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Posted: October 2021

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