Getting Skylight Repair in Cypress, TX

Getting Skylight Repair in Cypress, TX

Getting Skylight Repair in Cypress, TXSkylights are an excellent method to get natural light into your home while also brightening it up. They may, however, run into problems that you aren't aware of. Below are some of the most common skylight problems and how to fix them. When you need skylight repair for your home in Cypress or the surrounding Houston areas, give Southern Roofing Texas a call.

Excessive Condensation

Due to the humidity in Texas, condensation accumulating around skylights is a regular concern. While a few drips aren't a major issue, excessive condensation can lead to wall cracks and mold growth. Poor construction is to blame for the bulk of condensation issues. If you're considering skylights, make sure you select a competent contractor to avoid this problem. If you already have skylights, keep surrounding windows and blinds open to encourage air circulation.


A skylight that is too wide or in the incorrect place during the summer might cause a greenhouse effect. The area where the skylight will be placed does not need to be huge to let in enough light. A tubular skylight can also assist in keeping the room cool. Make sure the window is adequately glazed to block out bright sunlight. When the weather turns hot, you might want to invest in a skylight cover.


Anything from severe weather to fallen leaves can trigger a skylight leak. Debris on your skylight can corrode the fasteners and exacerbate leaks. At the first hint of leaks or damaged fasteners, contact a professional to schedule an inspection and repair.

Skylight Repair in Cypress, TX

Skylights are a great way to add natural light to a home, but they can present their own challenges, such as leaks and condensation. Southern Roofing Texas is skilled at skylight repair in Houston and nearby areas. If you notice a skylight is dripping, becoming foggy, or if the glass is cracked, you can count on us to fix it. To learn more about our Houston roofing company, or to request an appointment or estimate with our local roofers, please call (832) 551-3002. Thank you for considering our team for your residential skylight and roofing needs.

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Posted: April 2022

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