What You Need To Know When Getting a Roofing Estimate in Houston

What You Need To Know When Getting a Roofing Estimate in Houston

What You Need To Know When Getting a Roofing Estimate in HoustonEstimates are an important part of any major service. Before you agree to anything regarding work on your roof, a professional should always provide you with a detailed estimate. Discover below what is typically included in a roofing estimate. When you're ready to replace your roof, or need repairs or maintenance in Cypress or the surrounding Houston areas, give Southern Roofing Texas a call.

Construction Materials

Material costs are more complicated than simply adding up the price of shingles. When getting a brand new roof, keep in mind that the company usually needs to buy underlayment, flashing, and roof decking. Research your preferred styles, colors, and brands ahead of time. Ask about any warranties that are offered as well.

Removal and Disposal

If the estimate doesn't mention tearing off and disposing of old roofing, be sure to clarify this to avoid any surprises. Roofers often charge disposal fees to haul away materials based on their weight. If you need to remove multiple layers from your roof, expect to pay a higher cost.

Timelines and Labor

Though it is difficult to provide an exact timeline due to unforeseen weather or repairs, your estimate should provide a general idea of when to expect services to be completed. Cost estimates should also include labor. When your roofing contractor anticipates the project will take longer than expected, they should let you know.


If you plan to change the structure of a building, you need a building permit. Basic repairs and maintenance don't require one. Your final bill will include any building permits that were needed to complete the job.

Roofing Services in Houston

If you're thinking about installing a new roof, Southern Roofing Texas is your source for expert roof replacement and repair in Cypress and the surrounding Houston areas. To learn more about our Houston roofing company, or to request an appointment or estimate with our local roofers, please call (832) 551-3002. Thank you for considering our team for your residential roofing needs.

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Posted: December 2021

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